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March 22, 2016

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

To say I'm excited about sharing this review with you is an understatement.

You see I am the owner of a very fine head of hair, and by fine I don't mean good, I mean thin. Don't get me wrong I'm by no means loosing my hair or thin on top, but my hair is very fine and to be honest pretty straggly even after a good cut. I've always lusted after long, thick locks (you always want what you don't/can't have!) and I've research extensions a few times, always dismissing on the basis of price.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

December 14, 2015

Proud & Co Oven Glove

Christmas time means a lot of time spent in the kitchen. There's so much to make, bake and cook!

This year is the first year we will spend Christmas in our new house and we are hosting! There will be ten of us on the day, which means there is lots of baking and cooking to do in order to be prepared for the big day.

December 03, 2015

10 Things No One Tells You - Buying A Wedding Dress


As you'll know from this post Mr LVS and I are engaged and planning our Wedding for 2016. I won't
be turning into a Wedding only zone but there will be a few posts along the way!
Buying a Wedding dress is unchartered territory. You may have stared with a glazed expression at one through a window but trying and buying is something else!  

October 20, 2015

Prestige Flowers

I know it's only October but I'm going to drop the 'C' word. Please don't hate me!

Christmas is coming, there's no denying that and depending how organised you are you may already have gift lists prepared and may even have presents bought and stashed at the back of a wardrobe.